Eli7e FC


competitive overview

ELI7E FC features many competitive teams in different age groups and high-level leagues In SoCal and CalSouth out of our Turf Sports Campus's, with the highest-level International Coaches on our staff. We currently feature International French, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Tunisia, Morocco, Portugal, Peru coaches and Ex NCAA Athlete Coaches and Ex Pro Player Coaches. We believe in high level training and developing. It is the basis of our core values at ELI7E FC. With many Championships and State Cup Championships under our belt, we currently feature some of the top teams in Southern California in multiple age groups and continue to grow and progress.

direct pathways to Universities


ELI7E FC offers direct pathways to Universities and the pro level with our exclusive agreements with San Diego State University, San Marcos State University, SD WAVE, Point Loma Nazarene University and Xolos de Tijuana. Our agreements guarantee our players have a door to walk through year in year out and can participate in all game days and walkthroughs at the Universities.

an experience not just an opportunity

University coaches will not only look at ELI7E teams/players each year but go to games, host University soccer camps, allow our players & coaches to view University training facilities, gyms, fields, campus, go to games and walk out with the players, participate as ball boys during the games, even play a game during half time on the collegiate field. This program is an experience not just an opportunity. All this while maintaining a close relationship each year with college or pro coaches at a NCAA Div 1 level.

Train. Develop. Have Fun!

Continuing to play, train and continuing our players education is what ELI7E FC is all about. Realistic dreams and no false illusions of turning pro at 17 years of age. Our players and families each year will have the door right in front of them to play at the University level and have a direct pathway for our girls with SD WAVE.

The change is here, welcome to ELI7E FC where training, developing and higher education is first and foremost. Train. Develop. Have Fun!