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lil ELI7E's overview

Be ELI7E, step in and have fun anytime of the year!

lil ELI7E's includes FREE ELI7E full Competitive Uniform (Game Jersey, Shorts & Socks)*, 2 MONTH Season, Games and FREE Top-Quality Medal at graduation! Starts May 14th, 2024 Tuesday & Thursdays 4:30pm schedule. lil ELI7E's Season is just $99.99.

lil ELI7E is central for everyone at ELI7E FC Campus in La Jolla/University City. Reserve your spot and register today!

lil ELI7E's

lil ELI7E's is the largest Jr's Academy in San Diego with over 1,500 players coming through our program year-round and growing. Our top recognized Jr's ELI7E program features top tier training with top level coaches to train our Jr's and help all players to graduate onto competitive teams if interested to get to the next level. It's an awesome program all around and lots of fun. Jr's Academy is a great way to introduce the game of Soccer to players of any age from just 3 years old to 11 Years of age. Get out, make friends, learn and play. Enjoy this beautiful game and have fun!

Registration for full 2-month season at ELI7E Training Campus/Fields, it's a great way to get your boy or girl to get out and play during any time of the year. Score your first Goal! Learn skills work, work in groups, have fun, play games, discipline/structure, learn to work in teams, take direction, make new friends and more. Best of all earn your very first Trophy/Medal at end of the season and have action pictures and videos taken! Get out and play at ELI7E!

ELI7E Field

Set in beautiful La Jolla area ELI7E La Jolla/University City training campus offers so much at beautiful Nobel Sports Fields for players and families. Plenty of parking in front of the rec or on the side. Nobel houses full grass fields, full playground for kids and families along with bathroom next to playground as well as the rec center. Nobel's beautiful park also has a track for families to walk or jog around.


At ELI7E our goal is not only to score goals. We believe all players should have a blast playing this beautiful game no matter the level or the age. Our job is to put smile on faces, make memories, make friends, learn to work in groups, achieve, learn and succeed. Kids are the bravest humans we personally know. They push forward with no fear to fail, eager to learn and absorb anything and everything. We inject fun for your little ones. Let their and your journey begin at ELI7E FC.


We know not all but most players already love this beautiful sport that continues to grow as they do. ELI7E provides them with the opportunity to grow into competitive teams after lil ELI7E's season. Graduate and receive your medal/trophy and start your journey on a team your age and make more friends and memories along the way. lil ELI7E's is the perfect way to learn the fundamentals and get confidence to catapult you to graduate onto a team that fits you.

*1 Uniform set per 12 months

**Registration does not include $45/month season coach fee

ELI7E Nobel Athletic Fields Campus

ELI7E Nobel Athletic Fields
8810 Judicial Dr, 92122