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Spring Valley/La Mesa

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Tryouts April 22 through the 25th, Schedule on Tryout page. Register Below Free.

Welcome to ELI7E Spring Valley/La Mesa. With the top turf fields in the South and the largest turf sports complex for all our ELI7E teams for gamedays. Our international coaching staff and our players are electric to call ELI7E their home and sport our fully custom unique uniforms and wear the shield. ELI7E does it different from music days, summer camps, University game days, SD Wave I.D Clinic & Camps headquarters in the South and so much more. Be the shield, be ELI7E! Register for a FREE tryout and join the ELI7E family.

ELI7E Turf Training Soccer Campus

ELI7E Turf Training Soccer Campus
838 Kempton St, 91977

ELI7E Turf Game Sports Complex

ELI7E Turf Game Sports Complex
1312 Sweetwater Ln, 91977